I graduated from Dartmouth College with a Computer Science degree and eagerly set forth to make my mark on the business world.  I started with a Management Consulting firm in New York City, travelling the country helping businesses improve their operations. 

Over the next few years it dawned on me that our biggest success stories came from the projects where we did the best job of Communicating – good business solutions backed up by a powerful presentation of our ideas and a real connection with people at every level of the organization.  Extra effort in great communications always made a bigger impact on our clients than research and analysis.

This insight completely changed my career focus.  I began to seek out business leaders based on their communications skills, and I landed a job with a fledgling company assembled by one of the truly great communicators of our era.  We began creating powerful video & audio training tools for our sales force and the company grew like gangbusters.  After three years I became the Director of Marketing Communications and within five years we were producing hour-long company satellite shows, broadcasted on Dish Network Satellite twice a week to 450 sales offices nationwide.  In our first five years, we were named by Inc. Magazine as the #1 Fastest Growing Company in America. A few years later, a major rift formed among the sales reps, and a great company went down the tubes. However this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

With over 500 satellite shows, 300 training & marketing videos and dozens of audio programs under my belt, it was time to stand on my own, so I founded In-Point Productions in 2001 to bring this marketing communications experience to other companies.  In the editing studio, an “in-point” is where a particular edit actually begins, and as many companies have discovered in the past several years, In-Point Productions is where Great Communications begin.

We specialize in helping companies of all sizes to communicate their messages with a powerful emotional impact.  Here are some of ways we can help you build your business:

• We produce and record live events – from 20 people in a breakout room to the sold-out MGM Grand with 15,000 people

• We produce and edit sales and marketing videos – product launches, trade show videos, etc.

• We author & encode DVDs – from simple conversions of your existing videos, to full-length feature films and music videos for Grammy Award winning artists.

• We encode existing video for every format of emerging media – from DVD to internet to cell phones and beyond.

At In-Point Productions we use the latest technology however our core belief is that your success will come from a deep commitment to clear communications rather than the result of some high-tech gizmo.  I look forward to meeting you and working with you.

In-Point Productions … where Great Communication begins!